HD Sports

You will not find better quality sports streams than Falcon TV, especially at this price. Falcon TV includes sporting events from around the world in crystal clear HD @ 60 fps.


Falcon TV application can be used on a wide variety of devices, including FalconTV Android App, Formuler/Dreamlink, MAG, STB EMU, BUZZ TV, GSE, Amazon Firestick, Perfect Player, Fire TV, Internet Browsers, Mobile, Tablet, and even your PC!

Program Guide

A feature rarely found done correctly in any IPTV is a high quality television guide. At Beast IPTV, we believe all clients should have a user friendly interface to see what is live.

Premium Channels

Falcon TV has 24/7 channels, 150+ Canada, 400+ USA, USA Regionals, Premium Sports, Premium Movies, PPV and more!

Falcon TV Setup Guide